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FENRIR by reddragon122100
Hey ya'll...finally I am uploading this guys Bio..It still though will have things added to it later kinda come back to this every once and a while XD

NAME: Fenrir

AKA: The scamp, the white one, white fluff ball or the rascal

LOCATION: unknown


AGE: Official age unknown

HEIGHT: All depends on what age he's chooses for him self

WEIGHT: Unknown

EYE COLOR: One eye is silver, the other is royal blue

HAIR/FUR COLOR: Bright white

Fenrir envokes a sense of mystic yet alienness in his apperance. His purset of pure white fur is dazziling, always kept in a fine and lush state. His two different colored eyes tend to throw people off and his pinpoint sized pupils some times give him a intense and dangerous apperance. But his apperance gets even weirder ... Fenrir seems to have no official age. He can look like a child to young adult to old man when ever and where ever he wants. Its dosent go in a cycle like a pheonix's age- he randomly chooses what he wants to be in age any time he wants.

Mischevious, selfish, deveiant, cunning, vain, curious, and Intelligent. Yet if he wants he can be caring.

Behind his soft and fuzzy exterior of Fenrir lies a mind thats sharp with poisonus trickery. Fenrir cares only for him self, his misstres and one or two others but every one else to this little devil is merely a tool to get what he wants. He is hard to stop when focused and is very determined to meet his dark goals of what ever they may be. Fenrir loves to adgitate every one with his harmless or dangerous pranks- he likes breaking the rules so he is a bit rebellious. That can get him into plenty of trouble. He does have a smart streak as well. He loves Einsteins theorys and math equations. He studies astrophysics and is fascinated by music- espically the effects of classical music on the brain.

Fenrir as a celestial body, is the oppisite of a black hole. There for he has reverse powers. While a black hole is a destructive, time swalloing, feared object Fenrir is just about the oppisite.

Future sight:
Fenrir presance seems to speed time. Being close to him can alter the effect of the fabric of future time  on you and even touching him can send you to the future for mere seconds in dream state. Though thats mostly not the case.

Time alteration: 
While black holes slow time Ferir can speed and alter time. He can hurtle him self into the future through time in seconds to different eras and locations in the future or other places very fast in the present.

Purest of light:
Black holes suck in even light. Being the oppisite Fenrir can release light in burst so bright it can burn unlucky viewers eye balls to a crisp.

Mater Return:
Fenrir can release mater and form living/ non living things. He can also put energy into living things, providing them with great amounts of strength or.. so much energy they spontainiously combust.

This SMBH is his care taker. They are the oppisite of each other so they balance their powers out...though Melantha is more in charge.
Is surprisingly Fenrirs younger sister
He is curious about this guy..but nothing much is really known.

grooming him self or being groomed
solving mathmatical equations.
listening to classical music
eating sweets

Sword pet
annoying noises
not being clean
grinding or food eating noises.

What ever Fenrir maybe he certainly wasnt born naturally. He gives off this weird auora of artificial life when ever he's around. No one knows how, why or even who created Fenrir. Based on how powerful he can get it could be Fenrir was breed for fighting or war..but Fenrir is also the perfect lap god, he lays around and loves the attention, espcially from the ladies XD. This could mean he was breed more for people at first. The final feature of Fenrirs mysterious birth is that he is looking for some one to imprint off of..much like a human infant or any animal really. Becuase of this its theorized that fenrir was originally created to be maybe some ones articial child or a guard dog to his owner due to his snugglieness but also his dangerousness. But then why was he cryogenically frozen when his new care taker found him?


-at the moment, Fenrir lives with Melantha on her ship. He is usually by her side at all times or is doing pranks some where on the ship.

- He likes the taste of spiced apples.

-Fenrir can be rather vain about his pelts beauty. 

Hyakutake doodles by reddragon122100
Hyakutake doodles
While I was in Florida I felt the urdge to doodle my comet oc, Hyakutake....I think he's such a cute fella. He's got a gentle look in his eyes in my opinion. 
So this picture goes in V formation on info:

Pipe smoke (top left)
Yep..Hyakutake breathing out smoke from his kiseru pipe...he always is puffing on that thing XD

Bust (bottom)
Awww...he looks really cute I think ^ ^ thats a little smile from him to ya'll!

I swear to drunk I am not god XD (top right)
Yes...Hyakutake does love drinking his sake..some times a little too much XD

The Kings Forest by reddragon122100
The Kings Forest
A picture of a T-Rex figure I brought to Florida with me.

please do not use as a stock
A loner by reddragon122100
A loner
My apatosaurus figure I brought to the beach.

Do not use as stock.
The box of Kari by reddragon122100
The box of Kari
All of you rp's get this picture XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I drew this at a seafood resturant (I love seafood) on the table paper things..I love the texture of the paper XD

Hello every one..i made a new account now:
Dont worry...i am not leaving this account for ever, ill actually be on this one more than the other one until the first book of dragon rider comes out. Forest-Coyote will mainly hold things about the dragon rider book series on it like characters and the world it takes place in. So please watch my other account and i will return the favor to you. Thank you!!!


reddragon122100's Profile Picture
Preot (Preyote)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Heeey look its me in my kimono! What a derpy smile XD

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
-Sun Tzu, The art of War

Name: Preot (a.k.a the forest coyote)

Age: a mystery

Gender: Female

Marital status: Taken

Sexuality: Ahoho I am not telling ya XD but ill give a gold star who ever guesses right!

Hello there, I am Preot! I am a young student artist hopping to be a well known (or at least well paid XD) comic artist when I am older! I am a usually calm and silly person who loves to make people laugh..but I can get angred easily over some things (just a warning XD.)

-I LOVE reading! Just about any thing I can get my hands on Ill read...unless its a clothing article XD No fashion for me thank you XD

-Coyotes are my favorite animal!

-I love to role play! Roleplay woot!

-Dragons are the coolest fantasy creature evea!

-I love Japanese, Norse, Native American, Indian, and 1800 European culture!

-I am a Independant young lady! I do things on my own unless I ask for help.

-SEAFOOD IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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