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Kusaki sketch by reddragon122100
Kusaki sketch
Awww yeah I need to draw this handsome fella more XD

This is a kinda dirty sketch of my oc Kusaki from Celestial ring..given ya the ,"Hey ladies~" Stare XDDDD
He might beat Saturn XD
Doubt that XD

KUSAKI BELONG TO :iconreddragon122100:
Hexvore: noble companion of Saturn by reddragon122100
Hexvore: noble companion of Saturn
Hexovre the noble companion and mount of Saturn!

Hexvore belongs to :iconkiliky-girl: but we came up with the name together for him and I (since there are no official colors for him yet) chose the colors for just this pic as well.

I dont really know much about Hexvore as a character ..other than he likes to be with Kari and has fought side by side with her against a assassin. He is named after Saturns Hexagonal north pole storm (Hex) and what kind of storm it is..which is  Vortex storm (vore.)
I cant wait for Kiliky to come up with the personality for this guy..if she wants to!

Hexvore belongs to :iconkiliky-girl:
The yin and yang of space by reddragon122100
The yin and yang of space
These two are quite close to each other. The lovely JONOTS and I's Celestial ring chars together, Melantha the black hole and Fenrir the white hole. I need to fix up my shading but I am other wise proud of this background going on.
The black side of the yin and yang, represents the moon/night/dark, and a ressesive yet nuturing side. Its governed by the female gender and is the negative charge. Its cold damp and wet and also is represented by the earth. Yin rules over autumn and winter seasons.

The white side of the yin and yang symbol. Its sunny bright and warm with a strong and assertive personality. The male gender governs it and its represented also by heaven, heat and dryness. Yang rules ver positive charge and the summer/ spring times of the year.

Melantha and Fenrir are technically the yin and yang of the universe in my eyes. Melantha the black hole is a dark (as in evil) and mysterious woman. She is heartless (cold like the yins seasons) and enjoys torturing the innocent.

Fenrir is a white hole and has skin/fur so white it can be a bit blinding at times (the yangs heavenly light.) He can emit electric like charges of matter (the positve charges) that either have healing(most of the time) or matter destroying powers. He is often seen side by side with Mel as her son in some ways.

Melantha belongs to Jonot

Fenrir belongs to me!
Gotcha now by reddragon122100
Gotcha now
Yes..there really is a place in Turkey called Saturn palace XDDD

Well this comic is based upon my love of Miss Tadas Saturn (I mean he's gorgeous XDDD) and I bet thios place must be Saturns hide out when he comes to earth right? XDDD (I kid..sadly its not TT ^ TT)

So this was my response to finding Saturn palace XD

Apollo by reddragon122100
Here a Allosaurus by the name of Apollo is over looking his territory on a warm sun set


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Preot (Preyote)
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Hello...this was orignially a test account! If you want me I am now here :iconpreyote:
Okay thanks!

But I welcome you if your from youtube! But please check out my new account.

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