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The box of Kari by reddragon122100
The box of Kari
All of you rp's get this picture XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I drew this at a seafood resturant (I love seafood) on the table paper things..I love the texture of the paper XD

Spoopy Lovers XD by reddragon122100
Spoopy Lovers XD

Yeah so this was ment to be for Halloween but I got kinda busy XD But here is Kari (the ghost) and Gliese (the sorceress) ...such cute lovers they are.
Meh..I dont feel great bout this doodle of Gliese though....
I need a proper scanner

Happy Halloween Celetial Ring by reddragon122100
Happy Halloween Celetial Ring
.....even though it's not Halloween any more XD. 

I am not really one to post Holiday pictures but I guess this is special. Yes..I did carve the symbol of Saturn into my pumpkin XD. But it's not based off our celestial ring Saturn. This was relating to the classical god Saturn of Rome. 
The classical Saturn is known to be a serious, hardworking god. He was the father of Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. Afraid of his throne being taken from him he ate all of his children except for Jupiter. Saturns wife rhea tricked him into eating a stone, which made Saturn cough up Pluto and Neptune.  Later Jupiter defeated his father Saturn and became king of the gods.
saturn is the god of death, time, destruction and the harvest. The sickle or scythe is a important symbol to Saturn. He is literally Father Time and the grim reaper.
in astrology Saturn is the opposite of Jupiter. While Jupiter is the great benific  Saturn is  the great Malefic. Saturn in personality is serious, cold, dictating , responsible and perfection. He  is strict and disciplines with iron force. He is not afraid to whip a person and gladly would. But Saturn is more of a friend then a enemy in astrology. He helps get tough work  done and brings us into reality. 
KARI by reddragon122100
(Yay! The new and improved coyote of space! I like her much better now...though I changed some major things about her. I had to take away her mutliple personalites becuase they were a little too difficult to focus ya. Also Jano233 and I are writing a story together and Kari is a major character in it. So hope ya like new and improved Kari!: )


NAME: Kari

A.K.A: The iron coyote, the lone coyote, black coyote, the dark moon, the coyote of saturn, yote

LOCATION: currently Saturns 58th moon

GENDER: female

AGE: unknown

HEIGHT: 5'8" not counting her ear armor

EYE COLOR: green and black

HAIR COLOR: blonde

Kari is covered in thick and heavy armor of a unknown metal that is extremely strong. It appears unscratch-able and even can survive explosive blast. She can fly with her jet packs. The armor covers almost all of her body except for her face (usually) which is always in a simering scowl. She has razor sharp teeth, each fanged and hair that feels like fur.
But what form she takes under her armor is entierly..unknown to most.

Aggressive, ruthless, cunning, strong willed, a loner, and fiercely independent. Yet she can also be kind and some times even loving. She is extremely loyal to people on rare occasions.

This coyote isnt one you dare mess with. Born to kill shes aggresive and fiery in nature. For this reason Kari has grown to like to be on her own away from every one except for the select few, hiding her self in the shadows or on the prowl in the moon light. Shes a ruthless and tricky fighter, evily cunning as some say. Though kari has a flip side to her dark ways....
Once she was extremely noble and cool in personality. Her strong sense of loyalty is powerful and unbreakable.

she is a master in the martial arts known as wushu. kari is a skilled fighter and is best in dog, eagle and monkey style forms.
-Staff fighting:
Karis main weapon is a deadly spear. Razor sharp and blood stained, the best thing to do is to avoid it.
-Extreme sense of smell/hearing:
like a coyote she so much resembles she has a deadly accurate sense of smell and hearing. Able to hear a pin drop in a foot ball stadium and she has the ability to smell a person from one mile away. The scent shes most attracted to is fresh blood.
-Astronomy and Navigation:
one of karis less violent skills is navigation by star. She loves astronomy and is the master of it. She knows the night sky inside and out and is the best person to have with you if your lost at night..unless she kills you XDDDX.

Her oldest and most trustworthy of friends is a comet by the name of Hyakutake; The friendship blossemed when Kari rescued him from dying and nursed him back to health.
Saturn is Kari's current master for she is his 58th moon. Though she dose find him handsome Kari also sees saturn as a annoying flirt. Her relationship with him is a friend/enemy situation (mostly becuase kari gets ticked off with his sensual comments while Saturn sees kari as a friend/ hard woman to get XD.)
Kari may find Saturn handsome but her heart belongs to the earth like planets Gliese832c or gliese for short. They are quite a cute pair of lovers too...

-training in the art of combat
-crafting tools like telescopes, compases and sextents
-flying at night

-loud places
-the overly emotional
-most people
-going swiming
- electrical attacks

 created and born from DNA military experiments Kari was a bio soldier, born to fight. Being half space human (a.k.a. Celestian ) and half animal (a coyote in her case) she and the other experiments became  super soldiers and fought viciously, Kari being the alpha of the mutant pack. She was feared and still is feared, espcially known for her heartless behaviour and unbreakable armor. Years of bloody victories from Kari began to bore her and soon she became to crave some thing other than blood, independence. She wanted to control her self instead of being ruled by the military. one day..she destroyed the base she lived at and fled into space. It began a epic chase and Kari discovered that being indpendent was also dangerous..but that only made it more fun for her.
She at one point hid on a alien earth like planet. She survived in its rich forest completely off of her coyote instincts. Then one day..every thing changed (when the fire nation attacked XDD just kidding) when she came across a beautiful woman being attacked by a asteroid beast. From a odd instinct of good Kari striked the beast and ended up defeating it..only to get injured her self. The woman Kari saved turned out to be the planets celestial ruler, Gliese832c. She admired the coyote for her strength and bravery and instead of leaving kari to die, took her home and began the process of nursing her self back to health. Gliese tried getting quite close to Kari, even trying to reach out and pet her. But at first the lone coyote turned away. Later though she accepted Glieses attempts at comfort and found she liked being snugly with the queen. They became close..then became lovers. At this point Kari was no longer "evil." No she was noble and did what ever her lover commanded of her. They ruled over Gliese kingdom together in great happiness and saw many years of good harvest, Gliese as planetary queen and kari as her main moon general. Though it wasnt like that...when he came...
karis pin point where fund by the pervious military base she belonged too and sent the latest mutant creation after her..a near indestructable being with razors for arms. He hunted kari and began to attack the planet she was moons to.
Kari, extremely scared for her love, Gliese's saftey, decided she could do one thing and one thing only as her final act off love: try to draw away the danger by leaving her self. She and the second moon of Gliese, Kusaki, came up with this plan and acted upon it one dark night, when none of the moons shone. Once she got far enough kari would have Kusaki erase her memories of Gliese and Kari would flee. She told Kusaki to tell why Kari was gone was becuase she had tried attacking the assassin..and did not survive. When escaping kari gave Gliese one last kiss in her sleep, hoping some day she would see her beautiful queen again. They were then off on their way and on the outskirts of town...Kari lost all memory of Gliese...and the beautiful love they had....
Kari awoke on day to find part of her mind foggy yet she had a great pain in her heart she did not know was there. She travled further into space, her pain turning into sadness, turning into frustration turning into anger turning into hate. By the time she entered the solar system the only thing that kept her going was her brimming rage and disgust for all who were not her. She had a few acceptances- for she befriended a comet named Hyakutake. But they later became pirate together and for 10 years were the wraith of the outer system..before Saturn captured her and made her his 58th moon..where she remains to day, still fueled by hate. Maybe her hope though for seeing her long lost queen though will come true.....

-Karis jet packs run on her own energy so she always has to eat some thing
- She has better vision in the dark, light blinds her
-her second job on saturn is head astronomer and telescope crafts woman.
- she sleeps with her eyes half open
-shes a very light sleeper too and tends to move around, talk and even walk in her sleep.
-she usually dosent go to big events with the other moons of Saturn
-Her blood dose have the ability to mutate others cells, much like cancer yet karis cell mutation turns the victum into a half mutant-thus giving them good sense of smell, hearing, sharp claws teeth and a tail
-they say when theres a lunar eclipse moons change. For Kari her eclipse transformation is extremely dangerous: not only dose she loose her memroy of those she loves, gos on attack mode and tries killing every thing: she also transforms to be more coyote like..even turning into a giant coyote some times.
-she hates being called mutt and dog...thats a major way to piss her off


KARI (uncolored) by reddragon122100
KARI (uncolored)
dayyyyymmmmnnnnn XD kari you got abs!

Finally the new update she deserved! I am going to upload her into Celestial ring contestand lets root I win at least one prize XDDD Jk XD

Also here is a attempt to shade her armor
Hello every one..i made a new account now:
Dont worry...i am not leaving this account for ever, ill actually be on this one more than the other one until the first book of dragon rider comes out. Forest-Coyote will mainly hold things about the dragon rider book series on it like characters and the world it takes place in. So please watch my other account and i will return the favor to you. Thank you!!!


reddragon122100's Profile Picture
Preot (Preyote)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Heeey look its me in my kimono! What a derpy smile XD

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
-Sun Tzu, The art of War

Name: Preot (a.k.a the forest coyote)

Age: a mystery

Gender: Female

Marital status: Taken

Sexuality: Ahoho I am not telling ya XD but ill give a gold star who ever guesses right!

Hello there, I am Preot! I am a young student artist hopping to be a well known (or at least well paid XD) comic artist when I am older! I am a usually calm and silly person who loves to make people laugh..but I can get angred easily over some things (just a warning XD.)

-I LOVE reading! Just about any thing I can get my hands on Ill read...unless its a clothing article XD No fashion for me thank you XD

-Coyotes are my favorite animal!

-I love to role play! Roleplay woot!

-Dragons are the coolest fantasy creature evea!

-I love Japanese, Norse, Native American, Indian, and 1800 European culture!

-I am a Independant young lady! I do things on my own unless I ask for help.

-SEAFOOD IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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